MEHROTRA works together with a sourcing and production partner in India, GreenKarma, which is founded and run by a woman. As the name suggests this organisation always aims to work with sustainable materials and production.

We believe this shared ambition of building sustainability in the core of our offer will guarantee that every product has been transparently sourced and consciously produced.

GreenKarma works with organic, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), and recycled materials certified by leading International agencies. GreenKarma secures that all MEHROTRA products are sourced and produced in a conscious environment. Our products are produced by highly skilled craftsmen in Delhi, India.

Manufacturer last visited by MEHROTRA: 20th March 2019

The country

Our first country of production is chosen as much with our hearts as our minds.

When founding MEHROTRA we wanted to have a deeper relationship to the country in which our production would take place. India therfore became the ultimate first country of production for MEHROTRA, this due to the founder’s dual background (Sweden and India).

At the moment everything relating to the production of our products is sourced from India. The country is a great source for high quality materials and skilled craftsmen and women.