Care instructions


Care instructions


Our products are designed and produced to last. Taking care of your product extends its lifecycle even further.

Cleaning your jewellery

All our hand-picked jewellery is made from sterling silver. Silver oxides and can therefore attain a blackish colour. To clean your silver jewellery, use a cloth and a silver polish from time to time.

Cleaning pieces with natural pearls and stones should be done with care. The silver can be cleaned by using a soft cloth and silver polish, avoid cleaning the natural pearl with silver polish, use only a clean soft cloth to polish the pearl.

Pearls and stones should be kept away from chemicals.


Iron your cotton piece at low heat. Be careful and use a cloth between the silk fabric and the iron when ironing the edges.

Travel tip

Jewellery will upgrade any outfit and it is an easy item to bring with you when traveling. We recommend you to keep your jewellery in the small cotton travel pouch it arrived in when traveling not too loose or scratch your piece.

Keep it safe

The pouch and box which comes with your jewellery is also a good place to keep your jewellery in when not using it. However, we encourage you to use your MEHROTRA jewellery as often as possible. It looks better on you than in your jewellery box.