Care instructions

Straw Bags

Care instructions

Straw bag

The mini straw bag is made by hand from watergrass. As a natural fiber it dries with time and cracks may appear.


Mending the straw bag with time will make it personal and is a good way to update it.

How to clean it

Gently wipe the dirty area with a clean white and damp cloth to remove dirty. Never over-wet the straw bag. Air dry your bag away from direct sunlight.

Travel tip

The mini straw bag is a perfect travel accessory, it upgrades your outfit and can be used both at the beach and in the city.

Pack your mini straw bag in the dust bag it arrived in to protect it from unnecessary damage.

Keep it safe

Avoid getting your bag wet, and don’t carry heavy items inside it.

Store your straw bag far from heaters, and avoid areas with too much humidity and direct sunlight.

Keep your straw bag in a dust bag when not using it.  If you collect them, you can put one inside the other.