Care instructions

Damyanti Silk Pouch

Care instructions

Damyanti silk pouch

Our products are designed and produced to last. Taking care of your product extends its lifecycle even further.

Avoid carrying too much and heavy items in your pouch. Since this pouch is crafted from upcycled silk it needs to be handled with care.

There may appear minor scratches in the fabric of the pouches due to its previous life. Therefore be careful when using your pouch.

Avoid dry cleaning too often

You can dry clean your pouch, but be careful due to the hard bottom. Avoid dry cleaning too often. Instead use a damp cloth to remove any dirt.


Do not iron the bottom part of your pouch. If ironing your pouch, put a cloth between the pouch and the iron, do not iron directly onto the silk fabric.

If possible, use a steamer instead of an iron.

Travel tip

The pouch is a perfect travel accessory, it upgrades your outfit and take no space when packing.

Pack your pouch in the dust bag it arrived in.

Keep it safe

The cotton bag your pouch arrived in is also a good place to store it when it is not used. However, our products are designed to be used as often as possible. They look better on you than in your closet.