Care instructions


Care instructions


Our products are designed and produced to last. Taking care of your product extends its lifecycle even further.

Avoid dry cleaning too often

Most of our products are dry clean only, but dry cleaning is not environmental friendly. To avoid dry cleaning your scarf too often, air it after use to get rid of unwanted

Hand wash

Some of our silk products are hand wash only. When hand washing your piece do so with cold water and detergent specifically for hand washing silk products. Only use a small amount of detergent.

For silk products with fringed edges, avoid washing the fringes to keep their original look and feel.


If you need to iron your silk scarf, put a sheet or thin towel between the scarf and the iron. Do not iron directly onto the scarf, it can damage the scarf.

We recommend to steam iron your scarf.

Travel tip

The scarf upgrades any outfit and is easy to bring when travelling. We recommend to pack the scarf in the box it arrived in or in its cotton bag to protect it from damage.

Keep it safe

The cotton bag the scarf arrives in is a good place to store it when it is not used. The MEHROTRA cotton bag is also a good protection for your scarf if putting it in your bag when not using it. However, our scarves are designed to be used as often as possible. They look better on you than in your closet.