MEHROTRA offers a captivating collection of bags combining Swedish and Indian style influences. Explore a diverse collection of bags, including pouches and straw bags.

All MEHROTRA bags are inspired by traditional Indian accessories while infusing elements from Scandinavian design culture. Each bag is meticulously crafted from natural and upcycled materials, featuring unique handcrafted details. This ensures that every bag is a one-of-a-kind accessory.

Our bags are thoughtfully designed to complement your style year-round, for any occasion. With proper care, your bag can accompany you for many seasons to come. See our care guide for more information on maintaining the longevity of your bag.


Make it last

All different materials used for the production of the MEHROTRA products are currently sourced from India. We use recycled, upcycled and natural materials, which have been consciously chosen, from main fabric to thread.