Hair accessories

Hair accessories

Our unique hair accessories are crafted from surplus fabric sourced from our scarf and pouch production, embodying sustainability and complementing our main collections. Our collection of hair accessories includes silk headbands and hair ties in both wool and silk.

These hair accessories, born from the spirit of upcycling, are not only designed to offer that little extra but also reflect our commitment to minimising waste. Crafted with care, our hair accessories seamlessly pair with our scarves and pouches, forming a cohesive style statement that celebrates sustainability and fashion.

At MEHROTRA, we believe that even the smallest accessory can make a big difference. That's why our hair accessories, like all our collections, are designed to bring you that perfect blend of style and conscious choices.


Make it last

All different materials used for the production of the MEHROTRA products are currently sourced from India. We use recycled, upcycled and natural materials, which have been consciously chosen, from main fabric to thread.